Listory generates lists

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Listory generates lists

Lists created with Listory are especially easy to share with others. You can work on the list simultaneously with several people. Imagine going shopping with your family. 4 people start to collect the things in the supermarket that are on the list. If you click on done…the item will disappear for you and the other users. But the entry reappears! That is the special thing about it! So your lists are reusable. This is a decisive advantage.

You can use the Listory Lister from eXODA for your daily tasks. That can also be shopping. Here Listory even has a special function. Listory can scan and store photos. If you take a photo of a product, others who have access to the lists will see how the product looks like.

What do I need the app for?
The App, which is currently only available for IOS, i.e. Apple devices, has a lot more functions. The App is available in a free and a paid version.

What about data protection?
Listory works just like that, without registration. How does that work? Listory Lister generates a unique token (key) the first time you use it. Whoever has the key has access! The key is in the link. So you should secure the link well. But we don’t know who you are and don’t want to know. Your data belongs to you!

Are cookies used?
Yes, but only for the basic function. Listory Lister recognizes that you have been there before and receives the key immediately. More cookies are not stored.

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Listory is the tool without account registration for quick listings. Tasks? Shopping list? …whatever, Listory helps you quickly and free of charge.

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