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VonTobias Stephan

Flashforge 3D Printer experience

My advice is not to buy a device from Flashforge. No Adventurer 3, Dreamer, Inventor, Creator or guider. Simply none at all.

Well, I don’t know what to say. To develop an app, Apple requires the consent of the manufacturer. This is not understandable for me but it’s a fact.

My request to the company Flashforge to give me permission to access only the webcam stream was rejected. Apart from the fact that I cannot be forbidden to do so, I find the answer impudent. The rights of the pictures are not owned by Flashforge and if I buy a Mercedes, I don’t need permission from the manufacturer to move the steering wheel.

But Flashforge once refused. They forbid me to use the device the way I want to. So my conclusion is clear. I don’t like anything about this device, because I am not allowed to use it of my own free will. But actually you are right. Imagine someone bought a flower pot and had the idea to fill it with tea bags. Where would we go from there.