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VonTobias Stephan

Amazon MWS XML Feed Sample CountryOfOrigin

The CountryOfOrigin field is now a required field when sending product feeds via Amazon MWS Api. Actually a small thing, but sometimes it is a real struggle to figure out where to insert the value. Important to know…the country code is entered with 2 characters as value, so here in the example with UK.

<?xml version=„1.0“ encoding=„UTF-8“?> <AmazonEnvelope> <Header> <DocumentVersion>1.01</DocumentVersion> <MerchantIdentifier>A2BKDHGADKHKH</MerchantIdentifier> </Header> <MessageType>Product</MessageType> <PurgeAndReplace>false</PurgeAndReplace> <Message> <MessageID>1</MessageID> <OperationType>Update</OperationType> <Product> <SKU>16001</SKU> <StandardProductID> <Type>ASIN</Type> <Value>B07TXABCD3</Value> </StandardProductID> <Condition> <ConditionType>New</ConditionType> <ConditionNote /> </Condition> <DescriptionData> <Title>Fork cable lug 10mm2 to 16mm2 M6 insulated 4x ring eye Press eye Crimp cable lug blue</Title> <Brand>eXODA</Brand> <Description>High-quality press eye of the manufacturer eXODA. This ring eyelet is characterised by the fact that a manufacturing process was used here, that guarantees accuracy. Diameter specifications for the cross section of the cable or screw inlet are exact and perfect. They can be pressed or soldered for correct processing. The unit in mm² describes the cross-section of the cable. The diameter of the opening for the eyelet is represented by the M specification in millimeters. The inside and outside diameters represent the diameter of the opening for the cable to be inserted. cable. When selecting the right article or the right press eye, it is important to pay attention, that the cable cross section and cable diameter are not the same. The cable cross section describes the area in mm² when looking at the interface. The insulation is made of nylon, we therefore recommend according to Open the package to consume the contents in 3 months.</Description> <BulletPoint>Suitable for cable cross section: 10mm2 to 16mm2 corresponds to 3.6 mm to 4.5 mm diameter</BulletPoint> <BulletPoint>Diameter of screw opening: 6 mm</BulletPoint> <BulletPoint>Inner diameter: 6 mm unpressed</BulletPoint> <BulletPoint>Diameter at the outer insulation Cable lug: 11 mm unpressed</BulletPoint> <BulletPoint>Diameter Insulation for cable entry inside: 9 mm outside: 11.7 mm</BulletPoint> <PackageDimensions> <Length unitOfMeasure=„CM“>10</Length> <Width unitOfMeasure=„CM“>9.8</Width> <Height unitOfMeasure=„CM“>1.2</Height> </PackageDimensions> <Manufacturer>eBrand</Manufacturer> <MfrPartNumber>16001</MfrPartNumber> <SearchTerms>car battery cable</SearchTerms> <SearchTerms>car battery cable connectors</SearchTerms> <RecommendedBrowseNode>1342892031</RecommendedBrowseNode> <CountryOfOrigin>DE</CountryOfOrigin> <IsExpirationDatedProduct>false</IsExpirationDatedProduct> </DescriptionData> <ProductData> <HomeImprovement> <ProductType> <Hardware /> </ProductType> </HomeImprovement> </ProductData> <IsHeatSensitive>false</IsHeatSensitive> </Product> </Message> </AmazonEnvelope>

„“< xsd:element name=“CountryOfOrigin“ type=“CountryOfOriginType“ minOccurs=“0″/>““

For the „CountryOfOriginType“ attribute, the rules allow valid values as follows: „value=“[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z]|unknown““

VonTobias Stephan

Amazon account locked hotline

Here is the link to the contact form

If you can no longer log in as a seller, on Amazon as a seller has a real problem. This has also happened to me, for me it was a new credit card – it was not possible to click on the seller service and the entry of the new credit card number was not successful. „You look stupid out of the laundry!“ – I just found a fresh link in Sellercentral more by chance and hope to help colleagues with it. It’s not a phone number, but it’s a form that you can contact.

Kontakt zum Amazon Verkäuferservice, wenn sonst mal nichts mehr geht
VonTobias Stephan

SwiftUI Elements

Sr.No. UI Specific Elements
1 Text Fields

It is an UI element that enables the app to get user input.

2 Input types – TextFields

We can set the type of input that user can give by using the keyboard property of UITextField.

3 Buttons

It is used for handling user actions.

4 Label

It is used for displaying static content.

5 Toolbar

It is used if we want to manipulate something based on our current view.

6 Status Bar

It displays the key information of device.

7 Navigation Bar

It contains the navigation buttons of a navigation controller, which is a stack of view controllers which can be pushed and popped.

8 Tab bar

It is generally used to switch between various subtasks, views or models within the same view.

9 Image View

It is used to display a simple image or sequence of images.

10 Scroll View

It is used to display content that is more than the area of screen.

11 Table View

It is used for displaying scrollable list of data in multiple rows and sections.

12 Split View

It is used for displaying two panes with master pane controlling the information on detail pane.

13 Text View

It is used for diplaying scrollable list of text information that is optionally editable.

14 View Transition

It explains the various view transitions between views.

15 Pickers

It is used for displaying for selecting a specific data from a list.

16 Switches

It is used as disable and enable for actions.

17 Sliders

It is used to allow users to make adjustments to a value or process throughout a range of allowed values.

18 Alerts

It is used to give important information to users.

19 Icons

It is an image representation used for an action or depict something related to the application.

VonTobias Stephan

Swift UI Mac OS remove help menu

I now want to publish my app as a Mac OS app as well. This is now possible. During the check, however, the app was rejected because no help was stored and no help text was displayed when clicking on the Help menu. With the following addition I simply removed the superfluous menu items.

//Insert in AppDelegate.swift
override func buildMenu(with builder: UIMenuBuilder) {
        super.buildMenu(with: builder)
        /* Do something */
        builder.remove(menu: .view)
        builder.remove(menu: .format)
        builder.remove(menu: .edit)
        builder.remove(menu: .file)
        builder.remove(menu: .window)
        builder.remove(menu: .help)
VonTobias Stephan

Website-Watcher App track Sites

There will be the eXODA WebsiteWatch. An easy to use iPhone app that allows you to monitor a url for changes.
The app will be available in April 2020.

What makes the app special?
The website requests are handled externally by a server. So the app is not dependent on the goodwill of your IOS. What does that mean? The Apple IOS organizes the allocation of background computing capacity on your iPhone or iPad. Therefore it makes sense in this case to have an external server do the calculation and check for website changes. If you add a URL to your watchlist, it will be visited in regular intervals. The notification is a push message.

VonTobias Stephan

Corona map live Germany, Europa worldwide

Status 26.03.2020 08:00 h
There are currently about 4tsd new infected persons per day – this has remained fairly constant over the last few days. The number of healthy people has risen to 3500, which is a considerable leap.

Status 25.03.2020 06:00 o’clock
This graph is created by myself and shows the increase of infected persons from one day to the next. The red line represents the 7-day average.