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Google Conversion ID Shopware – where can I find it?

In order to use Google Analytics and Adwords sensibly, you need the Conversion ID. This is stored in the Shopware Google Plugin.

The Conversion ID can be obtained via Adwords. There via Settings (click on the wrench) > Measurements > Conversions

The conversion ID in this example is: AW-961433594
The Conversion ID is then entered here. In case of several subshops, the conversion ID can of course differ and be generated for each individual shop.

ByTobias Stephan

Shopware order status IDs from the table s_core_states

Leckerstecker.e Sample

To adjust the status of an order via the Shopware API, you need the respective status IDs. These can be found in the following table.

Status IDBeschreibung
1In Bearbeitung (Wartet)
2Komplett abgeschlossen
3Teilweise abgeschlossen
4Storniert / Abgelehnt
5Zur Lieferung bereit
6Teilweise ausgeliefert
7Komplett ausgeliefert
8Klärung notwendig
ByTobias Stephan

Shopware according to EuGH judgement Cookies only with consent

Today, the European Court of Justice gave a fundamental answer to a legal question that has been smouldering for years: the question was whether the consent of site visitors is required for the lawful processing of cookies.

Shopware brings all the necessary things with it from home. Settings, basic settings, search for „privacy”

Of course the hint must be displayed first. Cookies are allowed to my knowledge, but only if they are technically necessary. Therefore I recommend the cookie hint mode “Technically necessary cookies allowed, ask for the rest”.

After saving the settings, do not forget to empty the shop cache. You can do this via the menu or with the key combination CTRL-ALT-X.

ByTobias Stephan

Shopware API article is not displayed

If the article is not displayed in the storefront, this can have various reasons. Over time, you will develop a feeling for the “shopware needs”.  First of all, you need to check if the item is assigned to an active category. If this is not the case, the item cannot be displayed. If you create the articles via the API, the article must be set to active = true in the article object as well as in the article details object.

ByTobias Stephan

shopware insert platform logo

If you simply insert the link, Shopware will automatically give the link a NOFOLLOW attribute. Idealo has asked me to remove this, as this is understandably not in accordance with the agreement. Just add the link without http:// and it will work.

Change “Settings – Text modules”.
So that you don’t have to search for the right text module forever, it is recommended to simply enter the word “Hotline” in the search field.

Integrate platform logo into shopware via the hotline text module
Integrate platform logo into shopware via the hotline text module
Shopware Idealo Logo Beispielintegration
Example of an logo integrated into a Shopware Shop

ByTobias Stephan

Reset iRobot 780 to factory settings 700 Series

Press and hold the Start button and hold the Dock and Spot buttons for 10 seconds. The display shows the message r5t – this means that the settings are now reset.

ByTobias Stephan

webkit disable scrolling in swift

If you do not want the webview to be scrollable, you can easily disable it with the following lines of code.

<span class="s2">webKitView1</span><span class="s1">.</span>
<span class="s1">.</span>
isScrollEnabled<span class="s1"> = </span>
<span class="s3"><b>false</b></span>
<span class="s1">
<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; </span></span>
<span class="s2">webKitView1</span><span class="s1">.</span>scrollView
<span class="s1">.</span>panGestureRecognizer<span class="s1">.</span>
isEnabled<span class="s1">=</span>
<span class="s3"><b>false
<span class="s2">webKitView1</span>
<span class="s1">.</span>
<span class="s1">.</span>bounces<span class="s1"> = </span><span class="s3"><b>false</b></span>
<figure><img class="alignleft wp-image-541" src="" alt="" width="676" height="124"></figure>
ByTobias Stephan

iPhone app for the Dremel 3d45 and 3D40 Idea Builder 3d printer software

With this app you can watch up to 3 Dremel 3D45 printers creating your 3D objects..With this app you can monitor up to 3 Dremel 3D45 or 3D40 Idea Builder 3D printers. As you know, the Dremel 3D45 has a camera, unlike the Dremel 3D40 Idea Builder. With this app for the mentioned Dremel 3d printers, you can monitor the status of both device types.With this app you can watch up to 3 Dremel 3D45 printers creating your 3D objects..

New version 1.15 from 02. May 2020
The app for the Dremel printers is now completely translated into 5 languages. Also the feedbacks delivered by the printer have been translated. The app is available in English, German, French and Italian.

Donwload im Apple App Store

New version 1.14 dated April 23, 2020
After updating to IOS version 13.4.1, this caused the app to crash for some users. The problem is solved with this version.

With this app you can watch up to 3 Dremel 3D45 printers creating your 3D objects. Furthermore, there are detailed status messages, such as a time calculation until the object is finished or a possibility to cancel a print. This is especially useful if you want to check at a glance if everything is ok during the printing process. The advantage is that you can intervene in time to bring the object into the world in perfect shape. Simply enter the internal IP address of the device under the settings and you are ready to go. Using the settings of your Dremel 3D45 / 3D40 you can set a local IP address or use the automatically assigned V4 IP address for this. The IP address of your Dremel 3D45 can be found in the settings. The status display contains information about progress, nozzle temperature, time, open or closed doors, platform temperature, chamber temperature, print file name and file type.

Current status information such as expected completion time of the object as well as a progress indicator in percent or the current nozzle temperature. Is the door or lid closed? The app displays it. Temperature of the chamber or platform, with this app you are up to date. You can now use the Cancel button to cancel a print directly from the app.

The app for the Dremel 3D45 – status and control of your 3D printer!