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Amazon MWS XML Feed Sample CountryOfOrigin

The CountryOfOrigin field is now a required field when sending product feeds via Amazon MWS Api. Actually a small thing, but sometimes it is a real struggle to figure out where to insert the value. Important to know…the country code is entered with 2 characters as value, so here in the example with UK.

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?> <AmazonEnvelope> <Header> <DocumentVersion>1.01</DocumentVersion> <MerchantIdentifier>A2BKDHGADKHKH</MerchantIdentifier> </Header> <MessageType>Product</MessageType> <PurgeAndReplace>false</PurgeAndReplace> <Message> <MessageID>1</MessageID> <OperationType>Update</OperationType> <Product> <SKU>16001</SKU> <StandardProductID> <Type>ASIN</Type> <Value>B07TXABCD3</Value> </StandardProductID> <Condition> <ConditionType>New</ConditionType> <ConditionNote /> </Condition> <DescriptionData> <Title>Fork cable lug 10mm2 to 16mm2 M6 insulated 4x ring eye Press eye Crimp cable lug blue</Title> <Brand>eXODA</Brand> <Description>High-quality press eye of the manufacturer eXODA. This ring eyelet is characterised by the fact that a manufacturing process was used here, that guarantees accuracy. Diameter specifications for the cross section of the cable or screw inlet are exact and perfect. They can be pressed or soldered for correct processing. The unit in mm² describes the cross-section of the cable. The diameter of the opening for the eyelet is represented by the M specification in millimeters. The inside and outside diameters represent the diameter of the opening for the cable to be inserted. cable. When selecting the right article or the right press eye, it is important to pay attention, that the cable cross section and cable diameter are not the same. The cable cross section describes the area in mm² when looking at the interface. The insulation is made of nylon, we therefore recommend according to Open the package to consume the contents in 3 months.</Description> <BulletPoint>Suitable for cable cross section: 10mm2 to 16mm2 corresponds to 3.6 mm to 4.5 mm diameter</BulletPoint> <BulletPoint>Diameter of screw opening: 6 mm</BulletPoint> <BulletPoint>Inner diameter: 6 mm unpressed</BulletPoint> <BulletPoint>Diameter at the outer insulation Cable lug: 11 mm unpressed</BulletPoint> <BulletPoint>Diameter Insulation for cable entry inside: 9 mm outside: 11.7 mm</BulletPoint> <PackageDimensions> <Length unitOfMeasure=“CM”>10</Length> <Width unitOfMeasure=“CM”>9.8</Width> <Height unitOfMeasure=“CM”>1.2</Height> </PackageDimensions> <Manufacturer>eBrand</Manufacturer> <MfrPartNumber>16001</MfrPartNumber> <SearchTerms>car battery cable</SearchTerms> <SearchTerms>car battery cable connectors</SearchTerms> <RecommendedBrowseNode>1342892031</RecommendedBrowseNode> <CountryOfOrigin>DE</CountryOfOrigin> <IsExpirationDatedProduct>false</IsExpirationDatedProduct> </DescriptionData> <ProductData> <HomeImprovement> <ProductType> <Hardware /> </ProductType> </HomeImprovement> </ProductData> <IsHeatSensitive>false</IsHeatSensitive> </Product> </Message> </AmazonEnvelope>

“”< xsd:element name=”CountryOfOrigin” type=”CountryOfOriginType” minOccurs=”0″/>””

For the “CountryOfOriginType” attribute, the rules allow valid values as follows: “value=”[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z]|unknown””

Flashforge 3D Printer experience

My advice is not to buy a device from Flashforge. No Adventurer 3, Dreamer, Inventor, Creator or guider. Simply none at all.

Well, I don’t know what to say. To develop an app, Apple requires the consent of the manufacturer. This is not understandable for me but it’s a fact.

My request to the company Flashforge to give me permission to access only the webcam stream was rejected. Apart from the fact that I cannot be forbidden to do so, I find the answer impudent. The rights of the pictures are not owned by Flashforge and if I buy a Mercedes, I don’t need permission from the manufacturer to move the steering wheel.

But Flashforge once refused. They forbid me to use the device the way I want to. So my conclusion is clear. I don’t like anything about this device, because I am not allowed to use it of my own free will. But actually you are right. Imagine someone bought a flower pot and had the idea to fill it with tea bags. Where would we go from there.

Generate Regex from String

Link to the Regex-Generator

I myself was looking for such a generator, because that is quite a fiddle. With this generator you can easily convert a string into a regex. This is a great basis to adjust the generated regex pattern. For this I use one of the numerous regex testers. There are enough of those.

Amazon account locked hotline

Here is the link to the contact form

If you can no longer log in as a seller, on Amazon as a seller has a real problem. This has also happened to me, for me it was a new credit card – it was not possible to click on the seller service and the entry of the new credit card number was not successful. “You look stupid out of the laundry!” – I just found a fresh link in Sellercentral more by chance and hope to help colleagues with it. It’s not a phone number, but it’s a form that you can contact.

Kontakt zum Amazon Verkäuferservice, wenn sonst mal nichts mehr geht